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Help: Car won't start. Probably carburetors 101

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Most mornings my car starts on either the first or second twist

of the key after just a slight dab on the gas pedal. During the

day, if it has already been started in the morning, it''ll almost

always start up on the first turn. However, this afternoon it just

won't catch. It's turning over, just can't seem to quite get the

kick to fire up. I think if anything I may have given it a little too

much gas and flooded it, but not sure. I'm new to carbureted

cars and not exactly sure what's going on or how to render it.

I tried waiting for 15 minutes or so and then tried again to no

avail, I'm just draining the battery. It's a 38/38 Weber with

most of the normal starting system upgrades (MSD, pertonix,

etc...) One other point, which may or may not be relevant, is

that the car is currently parked on a bit of a tilt so the left side

is lower than the right, this is unusual for this car. Again, don't

know if relevant but thought it worth mentioning. Please

either post your thoughts or feel free to email me directly.

Thanks in advance.

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Guest Anonymous

what's the condition / history with your ignition system? points ? gap? , clean? timing?

carburestor choke and high idle adjustments ?

gas filter?, tank near empty?, leaking carb gaskets

and sealing o-rings?

how long has it been since any of this stuff has been properly adjusted/rebuilt/cleaned ?

how about condition of the wiring on the right side of the engine bay at the coil? covered in dirt and grease?

wires brittle and barely hang attached to connector? haning down keeping nice and warm next to the exhaust ?

really hard to tell you anything positive here - need a ton of input on your part as to the cars condition and service history..........

or just keep the gas tank full of NEW gas and park on a level spot - try that.

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Guest Anonymous

mnechanicking from him 40 or so years ago:"...Mike, 90% of your carburetor probelms are in your ignition." That was his way of saying make sure the ignition is working properly before you start messing with the carburetor. And you know, he was right -- at least 90% of the time!



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