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Guest Anonymous

pictures of my bumper redo (56k warning)

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Guest Anonymous

Here is few pictures recently taken...

the removed panel...

needless to say, its a heavy filled bondo part !!

this part was covering the complete rear end thru the last recess of the bumper left and right: it was covering it all so you can figure how big it is and how much bondo it taken to soften this...


the shit i have removed on the car...some bondo chunks are 1" thick...


The ass before...


The ass after...before beign primed. I have driled the wiring hole at the center right, it matches with another hole into the trunk.


And 2 of the 4 access hole, yes this is a wood part above, to raise the floor of the trunk because of a wider spare, no one could tell with the panels on.


The left part of the car before beign 400gritt sanded...


And bumper fitement...yes it will fit, a bit higher (it is not bolted on this picture so it hang low)...should i plug the us bumper holes????


And an overview of my girlfriend car, my old winter beater and my 02.


Pat Allen

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Guest Anonymous



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