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rear wheel cylinder leak

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Today--all at once, it seemed--my right rear wheel cylinder sprang a leak. I replaced it a couple years ago after I broke the bleeder valve, so it's not old...

On inspection, the right shoe would move when the brake was pressed, but then not retract. The left shoe wouldn't move at all.

Could this be caused just by the wear of the drum, increasing the travel of the shoes? Should I do more than replace the cylinder? Thax.

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Guest Anonymous

With the cylinder leaking it has to be replaces. REbuild kits fail 75% of the time. just get the new cylinders and they have to be done in pairs. the difference in the pressures will knock the other side out. It sounds like the rubber hoses are colapsing on the inside and should be replaced. If you have not done the fronts I would do them now. Going with a braided line from korman or others (yes korman is competative here) is cheaper then geting the BMW or aftermarket rubber lines. If the shoes are soaked then they should be replaced. if its mild then sand down the shoe past the soaked part. I would get rivited shoes rather then bonded shoes and the bonds often fail.

Good luck

Sam Schultz

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