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weird troubleshooting need help! Fuel delivery LONG

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Guest Anonymous

So about1 month back on the track after 2 long days of drivers school and over 100 litres of fuel my gas gauge was getting pretty low. I was out for the last session of the day and upon exiting a long decreasing radius left turn my car began to sputter and miss.

I pulled into the pits and called it a day. Fuel pump was noisy and car would not idle.

I replaced the fuel pump, shredded tii belt, fuel filter and clogged in-line mesh filter and the car ran like a champ for another few weeks. Now fast forward 1 month. Family in town for my wedding reception cars loaned out to family and friends. Take the inka car to airport to pic up a family member adn getting low on gas. Car begins to sputter...no problem get gas. Fill up and symptoms do not go away, pull small in-line mesh filter (in the pump) and things improve for about 1 hour and then they start to return albeit not as severe.

So now I have a new fuel filter in hand was going to flush tank but when I look into it with gas tank it is shiney new, not scale or ner-do-well bits floating around I mean this thing looks new, brand new.

Car runs A4 injection and turbo tank, I measured to make sure that the proper pick ups are there for the turbo tank. Any ideas what is causing this? Air sucking up into pump and locking it?

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Guest Anonymous


A Wahoo mechanical engineer impressed me with these terms when my A4tii had the same symptoms. When filters are clogged, they experience, in his terms, differential pressure. DP = what goes in does not come out at the same rate, clogged filter. When the system cannot flow at the designed rate, the pump will cavitate, or labor trying to push through fuel at a higher pressure than it was designed for causing a noisy pump. Your old pump may still be good, mine is.

You are on the right track. Something is clogging your filters, prior to the first filter you found clogged. There may be something still in the tank or filler neck that is causing your problem. May want to have it flushed, and resealed. Maybe dirty gas but with the filters most stations use now, I would doubt that.

I have an in line fuel pressure guage after the fuel filter on the front clip and the K-pump. My pressure had dropped to 16 psi, new fuel filter, back to 31psi quiet pump, happy wife, finished trip....Wahoos are good friends to carry around.

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