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low current to coil

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Guest Anonymous

for some reason it seems the low voltage wires to the coil are only

generating 3-4 volts. the battery has a ok charge (around 11.5v) and

it's turning over ok. haven't found any loose wires or breaks.

needless to say the plugs aren't sparking (they are getting a mild

current though - ouch!)

anyone have a magic bullet?

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Guest Anonymous

+11.5v at the battery is _not_ ok. A fully charged battery,

regardless of kind, should be >+12.6V. At +11.5V (if that is the

accurate voltage reading) is almost fully discharged. That, coupled

with inherent resistance in the circuit, could explain your


How and under what exact conditions are you measuring the

voltage at the battery?

Chris B.

'73 ex-Malaga

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