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Demister male vent tube outside diameter (for hose)?

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Hi I I am going to fit a Vintage Air aircon system. The defroster outlet has a 2 inch outlet and hose.  I am wondering what size the standard 2002 demister vent hose size is from the standard heater?  This is to determine whether the Vintage air 2 inch hose will fit directly onto the standard demister?  If not I will have to see if I can get an adaptor from the 2 inch internal diameter of the Vintage Air hose to whatever the standard BMW demister inlet is.

Does anyone know or have one they can measure and let me know?

Appreciate your help.

thanks Mike

Demister vents hose attachment size3.jpeg

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Thanks Highnote, that means the Vintage Air hose size which being US is imperial 2 inch, will fit ok, so perfect.  We are metric in Australia, so I have had to convert every measure on all the aircon bits to metric when measuring stuff on the car.


regards Mike

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In 1977 we went metric in Canada. I was working in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. 

We had change overnight from Imperial to Metric. Many old geezers over here are still refusing to change. 

In 1978 we made these sheets as a quick reference to move from one to the other. Maybe they will help some others out there who find themselves metrically challenged?





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Here ya go, Change the underscore in the file extension to an x for exe.

I never leave home without it.


A radiator shop is a good place to take a leak.


I have no idea what I'm doing but I know I'm really good at it.

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lol. Being a lifelong engineering geek myself, I gotta have a converter with me too. But why stop at Length? 🤓


I use a neat little app called GlobeConvert on my desktop, laptops, pads and phones…



Where we goin’? … I’ll drive…
There are some who call me... Tom too         v i s i o n a u t i k s.com   

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