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The 2002 of my dreams, project in progress

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Hello everyone, new to the 2002faq forum.

The BMW E10 has been a dream of mine for years, today is a great opportunity to carry out this project, so I come to present it to you and look for information and I hope to be able to bring it to others ;-).


I will quickly present my project to you (which will be done in several phases)
I just bought a 72 BMW 1602 which has been sleeping in my neighbor's garden for over 10 years.

You will tell me a restoration of a rusty 1602 from 72 nothing very exciting.
Wait! to make this 1602 the e10 of my dreams, you need a touch of modernism, to do this, one program "simple".


On the main lines:
- for the mechanics, a K24a swap with a 6 gearbox (gs6-53DZ?) and a revised rear axle with a type 188 lsd differential.
The goal is for this project run every day and to be bulletproof!
- for the chassis, body reinforcements hidden in the rocker panels and in the spars, remove the steering box for a rack (not sure yet), a discreet arch, front and rear anti-reconciliation bars.
- for style, a turbo kit (front blade, wide fenders and small spoiler), a hood and a male (ideally sonofcobrat) a simple and discreet interior.


Lots of little ideas of small details dragging through my head (folding rear seat, a programmable digital display...) but I would share the ideas once develop, for the moment I will agree on the choice of the main mechanical elements such as the gearbox and the differential, I have also started a little excel to help me in this choice (which I am sharing with you, do not hesitate to give me feedback).


I saw that Besides some of you had 3D scans of the e10, if you have any links to share, I'm interested, it would help me with the CAD work.
I hope to move this project forward quickly and provide you with information on the project at the same time.


PS: sorry for my English, I'm French




gearbox-diff-tires Gearbox,GS6-53BZ,GS6-53DZ,GS6L40LZ,GS6L50TZ,getrag232,getrag242,getrag235/5,GS6-37BZ,GS6-37DZ,getrag...


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Definitely interested in your progress. I am a BMW and Honda guy and would definitely be interested in a K swap if my engine ever goes kaput. I haven’t seen a well documented swap yet so I will watch your progress closely. Best of luck/ bonne chance! 

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One question, but do you have any specific plans for the exhaust header and steering center drag link? Those seem to be the main difficult areas that clash with the stock 2002. I know it’s early yet but you seem to have some planning done already. 

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