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'73 tii engine rebuild

Summit321 123
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Hi all,

I am rebuilding my engine and ran into some trouble with torquing down my connecting rods (40 ftlbs). I had my crank shaft polished and it is original size. I am using new stock conn rod bearings. Crank becomes very difficult to rotate with one rod torqued and it is impossible with 2. I am using two flywheel bolts and a long screwdriver to rotate it. I checked bearing clearance and it is about .0025 which I think is normal. After torque and one rotation the bearing on the rod cap side had coating loss and scoring, mostly on one side. The other had a bit also. Side clearance is .005-.007. What am I doing wrong? Rods backwards? I'm using 50/50 assy fluid/oil. Not sure if I uploaded the pic properly.




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Make sure the tangs on the bearing caps are oriented per the book.  As I recall the rod caps are not oriented like a many other engine designs.

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A radiator shop is a good place to take a leak.


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On 9/24/2023 at 6:59 PM, Son of Marty said:

Are the rod and cap numbers on the same side? With the rod pin oil hole facing the front of the engine and the arrow on the piston facing forward.

I will double check the caps. There was no direction indicator on the pistons they are from ross, but they I think I have them the right way from the picture. Can I still see the rod pin oil hole?

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22 minutes ago, tech71 said:

You used some sort of assembly grease ? What was it exactly and how much did you apply?

Excessive amounts of assembly paste/grease can lock things up tight.

I'm just using tacky assy fluid thinned out with some oil. I flipped two of the end caps and it spun much better. Is there any way to make sure the rods are facing the right way?

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Yes the rod numbers are on the same side and the piston pin oil hole facing the front of the engine. Also the bearing shells need to go together tang to tang.

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20 minutes ago, kbmb02 said:

I am having a difficult time imagining that. Wow?!

I over did it using redline assembly paste, might have been on the mains but same deal.

Buttered stuff up pretty good and…No spin no turn

Guess a little dab really will do ya

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