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Windshield Gasket

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I thought I'd asked this before, but can't find the thread :(

What's the best windshield gasket to install, OEM?  The one that was installed 5 years ago had a gap at the top corners, and seems very stiff.  I have no idea if it was OEM or URO or ???


And a related question - suggestions on best glass to use? OEM, or aftermarket (made by ???).



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I had a local auto glass shop install both front and rear gaskets and trim strips with OEM parts which I provided.  Previously I removed the old gaskets, cleaned and repainted the frame so it would be ready to go.  Before choosing the shop I drove in and showed them the car so they knew what they were getting into to. Luckily, they had one guy who always did the older cars and he said it would be no problem. He did an excellent job.

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I highly recommend using the authentic BMW OEM windshield gaskets.

I replaced my front seal and lock strip last year.

Glad I spent the extra $$$ for the oem gasket @ 2 x the price of the ill-fitting aftermarket parts.

Easy install and totally watertight with no wind noise. Perfect!

Purchased gaskets and lock strips from Steve at BluntTech.  Installed by Bart at The Resto Shop.



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Steve, It's too late now but you should have made the glass company fix that before you took the car, they demanded money and you should demand workman like product. Plus 1 or 5 or whatever number is next oem and find a glass shop that has a guy who has installed gasketed glass before.

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Not to pile on, but some years ago a local glass shop that I knew to do good work broke 3 windshields (fortunately for me this was an insurance replacement) trying to use URO gaskets (3 of 'em)--and had my car 5 days before they finally listened to me and got a factory gasket.  It was an expensive lesson--for them.  


Perhaps URO gaskets have improved since then. but do we know that for a fact?



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To follow up on Mike’s post. Started with W&N rear windshield that I purchased and dry stored 5 years ago. Turned out to be URO which W&N did not disclose at that time. They do now. Two corners did not align, please see picture. 

Contacted URO sales via email and was surprised how profesional their customer service is. Ordered a rear windshield from RockAuto that had the later production code. 

Result is still disappointing, although the later seal was thinner in the corners they material is still too hard/stiff. Not sealing properly in corners. 

They are relatively cheap compared with genuine BMW. My next try is BMW, hopefully third time a charm……..



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I think I used URO gasket for the front windshield with no problem (by the professional installers).  I also ordered glass online, which my local installers said they could get for about half price.  Their wholesale price was something like $150 and I paid in the neighborhood of $300.  (Of course I would have paid retail even if I bought it from them.)


My local installers said that the Pilkington glass was what they recommend.


Oh, and the gap in the corners - that is what mastic is for.




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