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Confused myself... Ireland Trigger Wheel and VR Sensor

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Hi, I'm part way through a Megajolt install. EDIS, coil and VR sensor installed... I expected to be able to fire it up in limp home mode. No luck. Whilst cranking I have a good spark, so it's essentially working. But the timing is miles out... it's late in the evening over here and I'm tired, so assume I've done something stupid...


I'm using the Ireland trigger wheel and VR bracket. I can't figure out why the VR isn't 9 teeth past TDC. Have I done something wrong? See pic. TDC is set, confirmed at camshaft mark, both valves closed. Why is the missing tooth not 9 before the VR?


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4 minutes ago, tzei said:

Flip the trigger wheel other way around?

You might just be a genius... I didn't fit the trigger wheel, it came installed. That would be about right though wouldn't it! Never thought to check! Update shortly... 



Edit to add... that's a job for tomorrow! Need to pull the pulley out to do that. 

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... and my puller won't work with that pulley.

Fortunately there's plenty of threads in those 4 holes to use if I fabricate something tomorrow! I'm calling it a night - partly happy to know how to fix it, partly annoyed I have to fix someone else's mistake!


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2 hours ago, mavhh said:

I can't figure out why the VR isn't 9 teeth past TDC.

I don't know about the inflexibility of EDIS, but do you really mean TDC and not the missing tooth?


Usually the missing tooth has to pass the sensor for the system to begin counting teeth and determine when TDC is coming up.  The Ireland photo shows this to be the case where TDC occurs 9 teeth past the missing tooth.  And the 9 teeth allows for maximum advance without bumping into the missing tooth area.

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A radiator shop is a good place to take a leak.


I have no idea what I'm doing but I know I'm really good at it.

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Made up a puller from some scrap, the trigger wheel was indeed installed flipped over on the pulley. 

"Ireland" logo should be on the front side, it was on the backside.

Flipped it over... turned the key and it sprung immediately to life. Timing is very stable 10⁰ BTDC (EDIS limp home mode when running without ECU connected.)


Thanks for the help guys!




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