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a Swedish friend


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Hi everyone. I've been reminiscing about the trip my (pregnant) wife and I took to Sweden during the summer of 2011. I have searched the forums here and have come up empty handed. We were able to connect with an elderly and super kind BMW enthusiast that showed us all of his cars (including a touring and I think a Bauer, as well as some more amazing things). He even attempted to help us get a cell phone while there. My wife remembers his last name as some form of Johnson. He also shared a wonderful lunch at an amazing restaurant with old machinery hanging from the ceiling. We took practically no photos and that was pre-iphone for me. 


If you're familiar with this man, or perhaps he's reading this, I'd like to express my gratitude. He helped to build some wonderful memories of a great place. 


We even went to cars and coffee on a little island that had lots of big American cars like Cadillacs from the 50s where a little house restaurant offered local foods--we had wild boar and it was awesome. The best cheapest meal we ate the entire 10 days we were there. Yum!


Thanks everyone. 



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Well, after searching through several thousand emails, I was able to find a few emails where Bosse Jonsson and I corresponded. In one of the emails, I referenced a thread in the FAQ but have not found that thread here nor have I found what user name he had on the forum. At the time of our meeting, I would say Bosse was in his 70s so to be honest I'm not even sure if he is still living. Here is his email signature of his cars he had at the time in 2011, cut and pasted over. So awesome! 


Bosse Jonsson, Nacka
BMW CS 00185 H
327 Cab,
1600 GT,
2000 Touring,
Alpina B10,

330 XiA,
I BMW är föraren ingen belastning, snarare en integrerad beståndsdel!


I just had to translate that tagline too. SOOOO cool.... "In BMW, the driver is not a load, rather an integral component!"


He was so kind in showing us a few things around town, his amazing collection, and made part of that trip so memorable! That was the first and last time I saw a Glas 1600 GT, touring, Baur, and the 327 in person!!! Thank you, Bosse!

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