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Barnfind in my own garage: Bringing a '73 Tii back to life


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The blue car has been off the road since 2014. I've forgotten what it's like to drive it.




Underneath the pile is a 1973 Tii, baikal blue w/ black interior, sunroof, AC. Has 5 speed OD and 3.91LSD. 60K miles on its first stock engine rebuild (mild compression bump, stock cam, etc.). Miller-Norburn springs and swaybars. Borrani 5 1/2 inch rims. Otherwise stock as far as I recall. 2764167 makes it a later '73.


History. My wife and I bought this car from the original owners in 2000 in South San Francisco. I had been looking for a blue roundlight Tii. Blue and sunroof were the ideal goal, so when this popped up for sale we basically drove up and bought it. Needed paint and an engine rebuild but after that was done (paint by Mr Dubois @ Hollister Auto Body, engine + 5 Spd swap @ Schatz&Krum in Sac) I drove it daily for 13+ years. Love this car, been in the family for 22 years now.


Some photos of it from earlier in its life. Note that these are the repaint color, AlaskaBlau. The repaint will be 100% baikal.


Outside LaGrange, Texas






w/ BWA sportsters for a while.



Back to borranis



In 2014 I decided I wanted to paint it again (many chips, dings, bumps, scrapes) and began disassembly. But then it sat. Life got in the way, sold the verona '73 Tii (nearly 20 year stablemate), changed jobs, one child to college, bought different cars, etc. It sat like this for 7 years or so.


I know, I know.



Just another shelf in the garage. (An amazing shelf I must say however).



Over the past month or so I've been clearing space in the garage, selling things I don't need, packing things that I do, and generally making space to tackle the rebuild/restore. Here we are today:



Piled with parts. 8 years of dust and crap. But at least no piles on top.









Oh how the mighty have fallen.


It's been awhile but I don't recall it needing anything major. For that reason I'm sure there are many things it needs. 🙂  If I'm going to take it apart to paint it I'll go over it all completely. By that I mean all seals, hoses, fluids, belts, bushings. Probably rotors/drums/shoes/pads/wheel bearings. Anything that looks or feels out of spec I'll replace/rebuild. I'll likely change the clutch (even though 60K) and most certainly shifter seals + bushings. Dave @ Aardvark rebuilt the 3.91LSD less than 10K miles ago. Driveshafts will be rebuilt, ball joints, probably shocks. Stock exhaust and if they are still available I'll get that too.


I've been buying parts over the last 5 years. I have a lot of the big stuff already, but I'm sure I have a ton more to buy. I'm actually looking forward to going through the parts bins to see what I have. My head has been in other vehicles for several years.


The plan of attack? 

  1. Remove engine and transmission
  2. Paint engine bay
  3. Rebuild suspension
  4. All engine seals, hoses, gaskets, etc.
  5. Reinstall engine + transmission
  6. Fuel lines, hoses, belts, etc. etc.
  7. <start the car>
  8. Remove interior/clean
  9. Paint exterior
  10. Reinstall everything.

I'd like to do this efficiently. By that I mean if I can get through step 5 by the end of the year I'd be VERY happy.


Wish me luck! I'll post the journey as it unfolds..

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I'm with you... Precious (my '72) sat in this garage and became storage for 30+ years, but I hadn't taken her apart!  I realized that it'd take FOREVER for me to do all the work required, so I took it to Terry Sayther's shop, Vintage Bimmers in Austin and had them bring her back to life.  I'm so glad I did so I can enjoy her again, but it was quite expen$ive, but you spend what you need to for something you love!IMG_6025.thumb.JPG.87ff0b68af0cec40032431e8c17ccfbf.JPGIMG_7580.thumb.jpg.89fcb15ed379a1a92fc30f0263eab3b4.jpg

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I bought my '72 in 1990 and after 200K miles, it has sat - forlornly - beside the garage for 15+ years.  I thought it would take $10-15K to get it painted and back in shape.  I may have been off by a factor of 4 or 5.  Maybe 6?


I forgot how much fun this is, no matter the cost.


I started in March of this year, and I am pretty sure I can have it done in 12 months at my current pace.






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Jason, based on what I know about your abilities, you’ll make quick work of this.  If you want inspiration, a trip to Barney’s garage is a great way to get it.  And if you need a new Zeitschalter, I know a guy!

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