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Rear subframe mount question


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Just now, SplitDash said:

Nice job D.martijn ,


I have new mounts from W&N to go if needed. 



Thank you, I had to adjust them a little (angle of the flat piece) and the lips/flanges of the reinforcement piece FYI.

I have more pictures on my thread (see 02 Touring restoration) below if you need a better look at how it all fit's together.

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6 hours ago, SplitDash said:


Bingo !

Have I taken one of those black dress/ white dress pictures? 😁




Ha! Hell yeah you did! Now I see it. Last night, not so much. I would have bet money that the second photo was of a crap repair with a hole left in the floor pan after you cleaned up the goo they covered it with. Pretty funny how your brain can trick you. Or, maybe I'm just getting old.

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3 hours ago, Lorin said:

I think the confusion lies in the fact he was asking about the rubber plug for the top of the subframe mount stud hole and then posted two pictures that don’t show the plug. 

It’s Friday, let’s all untwist our panties. 


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On 11/17/2022 at 9:30 AM, NYNick said:

That's a patch....and a crappy one at that.

Sure looks like a patch or repair to me, a crappy one at that.

The rubber stuff slathered over it was probably an attempt to seal it it.

It needs a doubler welded over it One it that closes that area completely

Edit: oh never mind, I assumed we all spoke the same language and disseminated info in the same manner. My bad.

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If it helps @SplitDash, know that I'm also suffering through replacing those mounts right now (along with rockers, floors and more!). 

It was obvious that mine were gone when I cut the back of the rocker off, but a previous owner had patched from the top (they must have looked like yours up top at some point. I've cut off everything but the "post" down below (that sounds wrong) and am installing the WN repair pieces now.  

As you've probably seen, the WN pieces sit up against the inner  What's the condition of yours?  Mine were gone and half-assed patched. 


Good luck!

You can see some pics in a thread here: 


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