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It's like the holidays come early, Thanks Ray!


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While I'm not particularly a fan of painted transmissions. It sure am purdy though.  


Dog gone dogleg close ration 245/10 and it friend the limited slip 3:45 differential.  


Had I known I would have shipped them my 2002 diff cover. Oh well what can ya expect for $7,500.00  


I know what I'm doing tomorrow. 


Anyone need an M20 front case?  



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Seeing this post after I sent you a private message...


Makes way more sense now.


I'm envious! 



What you need next is a quick ratio steering box and one of those new electric power steering kits that are easily retrofitted to 2002s. You will be untouchable in the fun department. 


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8 minutes ago, jimk said:

What are the gear ratios for that box.

You would think I would know to ask MM to give them to me. I just went off of the euro 323 it came out of and used that 3:45 diff. According to Jim, it's the best way for that to be streetable.  He was joking around and said to the effect, unless you like to shift the gears a lot, you will be in 5 gear before the stop light.  


I don't particularly care, I just want to shift first  as OVER & DOWN.  


but what do I know. 

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