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320i Ignition Help


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JUST SEEING THIS: why is the black wire from the coil going to the housing body of the distributor.  If that is truly what I see, that's a problem.  You are grounding the coils output.  


Have you tested the spark by simply pulling the coil wire, grounding it, and then cranking the engine? This forum is a great tool for help. It also needs input to better help.  More and simple details of what you have and what you did will get you faster results.  


was it running before

did you change out anything



At first blush you likely don't need the resistor block from 12V+ to the coil.  Voltage drop to the ignition system might be too low for the Hall Effect to work.  Also check the plug at the ECU-if you can call it that for bad connection and power.  


Try and connect it directly to 12V+ Ign/battery source.  


Those e21 distributors rotate the opposite direction of an e10 (2002) so perhaps check your firing order.  



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i just saw this on another channel🤭

46 minutes ago, Adam said:

Was just asking if anyone’s done this before and has tips/ knows what to do.

What pray tell, are you doing exactly? I dont really recall a statement issued on that.

Now is the time for you to say something like:

"I'm replacing the ---- wiring harness and going back to the cars original ignition system"


"I'm replacing the ----- wiring harness and using the installed 320i ignition system"



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12 minutes ago, Adam said:

Using the installed 320i ignition only because it’s a 320i engine and don’t think it would be possible to revert it to an 02 system. Due to the distributor spinning the opposite way


Just need to swap out the Cam for a nice IE 292 Cam, a set of larger eccentrics, and buy and install a 123 Ignition Blue Tooth Distributor and be sooo much happier at the end result.



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