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d'Avanzo Rally 2022 to SoCal Vintage -   - 11/04/2022 08:00 AM

steve k.

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Event Title: d'Avanzo Rally 2022 to SoCal Vintage

Event Location: 
Event Author: steve k.
Event Date: 11/04/2022 08:00 AM

The annual NorCal Rally to SoCal Vintage - in honor of the great Jeff D'Avanzo
Join all your 2002 and vintage BMW friends as we run all the back roads from North to South to attend the SoCal Vintage


The rally takes us to Hilton Gardens in Calabasas. This is the spot where majority will be spending at least the Friday night and some will stay Saturday night. 


The rally will include a great stop for lunch.


There will be four separate spots where we will cross 101, so you have plenty of opportunities to leave us earlier. 



d'Avanzo Rally 2022 to SoCal Vintage

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Is everyone ready for the drive?  


the 1800 is in great shape at the moment. Thanks to the guys at Motorspeed West. They were able to figure out that my miss was due to some idiot (me) wiring the coil backwards. Apparently that still works, but poorly. 


This week I will have to find all the things that have to be packed. Do some inventory on the items for sale, prep the POS system and then actually pack :)


The good thing is that beer is done and kegged. This year I am bringing 20 gallons because you guys drink a lot :) We will have new cups this year. Stainless Steel 16oz made by Klean Kanteen. I still have a couple YETI tumblers left, but cannot guaranty that they will not be sold by Saturday. 


Steve K.

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