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Quick Ratio 177 Steering Box (Yes, it's red)

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Price: $2500
Location: Laurel, MD 20707


Hey Everyone, 


I'll probably regret this, but I'm selling the QR steering box I've had in my car for the past 4 years. I'm 'softening' my car so it's less of an AX hot rod, and more of a road trip car. The sport shocks are turning into HDs, the 100TW Toyos are turning into CN36s, and I figure my original steering box will work just fine and save me the parking lot arm workout. This steering box was an amazing upgrade over the stock box when it came to performance driving, though a wheel larger than 350mm is recommended, especially with added caster and 205 Toyos.


As far as the condition, I popped off the top, had a peek, and everything looks great. I didn't see any pitting. How I had it adjusted, out of the car, on center, there's not much of any play and I can sweep the arm from side to side with just the push of a finger. There's no binding or tough/rough spots in the arc. Before I installed it, I tensioned it on the bench, and it still feels the same 4 years later. I don't know much, but I knew it was better to have the steering box a little loose than too tight. With new fluid, it's ready to be bolted into another car and enjoyed!


I'm asking $2,500 but open to offers. Con-US shipping is included. 



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