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Rear inner wheel house - replacement question


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Hey guys,


So I'm currently repairing the rear subframe mount/inner sill/wheel house corner.

Only thing left to finish this corner is the inner sill, jacking point (so inner wheel well panel) and outer wheel well panel lower corner.





I had already repaired the inner wheel well which is a common rust spot. I remember sandblasting the thick sheet metal after cutting sections out and threating it with some anti rust product. However the more I think about it, I wouldn't mind removing it completely and starting fresh again. It was the first repair I did on the Touring and well yeah quality of repair panels and welding (got a spotwelder now) has gone up since then..




For the people that have replaced this panel is it possible to replace them with the outer wheel well still in place?
Is it best to also remove it? On Realoem is tells me that there is a difference between the touring and sedan (probably the arch it self?) as the replacement panels from W&N are also different.


How easy is it to replace this panel? as well tips on keeping it in the right spot?


Just some opinions would be welcome :)

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Hi D;Martijn!
I did replace those inner wheel wells. Yes you can change them with the outer still in place. To put the new one correctly in place ...hard to explain, but what is important is to keep the correct angle of the part. Look at my pictures here below; one is an extract of the BMW repair manual with distances in mm. On the next picture is the assembly I created to be able to measure correctly those dimensions. I hope this helps.





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