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WTB E21 Half Shafts for LSD Swap

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On 10/22/2022 at 8:07 AM, SlowAndBroken said:

Looking for a pair of E21 half shafts to swap in the LSD without needing to re-drill the flanges. Thanks in advance for any help! Would require shipping to 78363 Kingsville, TX.

You technically only need one single e21 half shaft. 


The idea is to swap the e21 halfs to the "inner" section of your 2002 halfshaft so your outer 2002 halfshaft still bolts up to the stub axles via stock 8mm bolts while the inner (now e21 section) bolts up to the e21 LSD output shaft via the (standard on e21) 10mm bolts. 


This set up requires no spacers or drilling and you get to rebuild your half shafts at the same time. A total win and true DIY project with no outsourcing required.  Good luck! 

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1 hour ago, SlowAndBroken said:

Danco, thanks for clarifying. I was under the impression that the order was e21 inner section, e21 shaft, then 2002 outer section. Less for me to find so hopefully there’s someone with a single axle out there looking for a new home. Thanks!

I've done both ways....using 2002 shaft and e21 shaft. Neither have changed the end result.



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