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Seat Belt options for e21/e24 seats.


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So I just removed  my Klippan seat belts and chrome bracket (top of  Trans. tunnel). I have E21 Recaro in the front and E24 rears with console. My car does not have any threaded holder either on the B or C pilar. (for shoulder or rear seats). Both sets (front and rear) do have their respective receptacles for the belt latch. The rear receptacle will need a welded bolt/nut in order to secure it as well one for the B pilar (For the lower support there is only one bolt. The e21 has a bracket).

So besides e21/e24 seat belts (good one are getting harder to get) which other model seat belts can I use with the least amount of work? Are latches the same size?

If anybody want to buy my Klippan belts holder/belt LMK. Can post seat pics if needed.


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If you have a US spec 2002 with the "chrome loop" seat belts (they were installed between the Spaghetti Belts in '68 and '69, and the full inertia reel belts that began at VIN 2580042), you should have a threaded shoulder strap mount on the B pillar.  


You can then mount the later inertia reel belts using the same three mounts (tunnel for the buckle, floor and B pillar for the belt) as with your Klippan loop hook belts.  


Oddly enough, the factory parts book doesn't even show the early spaghetti belts--probably too ashamed to admit they actually installed 'em...



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there are trw/repa seat belts available new from germany listed on ebay.  i have e24 buckets and have the repa belts with the retractor bolted into the threaded insert in the parcel shelf. along with the the lap belt mounts and it operates ok. i dont use the e24 center console belt holes because the lap mount is out of position for them and i fear threading the belt along such a path could eject the console under emergency load. instead, i threaded them between seat and console. stuffed the holes when recovered console.



my car didnt have threaded b-pillar so tig’d them in following guidance from other threads on the topic from @bluedevils and others.

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