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Amplilux headlights - NEW

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Price: $1200
Location: Golden, Colorado


Brand new, in original package. Part number 612 82903.  Date of manufacture (from label), 01/74 and 13/74; 1st and 13th weeks in 1974.

These headlights are the legendary dual bulb, dual reflector design from the 1970s.  New condition, in original box.

The deal includes set-up with 4 new high output bulbs, 2 H4 male connectors, and headlight protection film.

Won't last long, so if you are interested get in touch immediately.


I ran these in my 1972 2002 for over 30 years, and NEVER had any trouble seeing where I was going...I had them wired as directed by the factory (original

instructions included) to light all 4 bulbs on high... unbelievable!


2 pairs available.  Feel free to make an offer, if you really want them I can take less for the bare lights (no setup).

In ANY CASE, they will include headlight protection film. 


These are rare as it gets, if you break them you'll be very sad, and the rest of us will be very upset.





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Here is the sheet (front and back) in French, German, and English.


I had wired mine as in 'case 1' so the lows came on with the 2nd click of the headlight switch and stayed on, the stalk turned the highs on and off.  Relays on both beams, of course.




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