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SOLD _ 235 Dogleg

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Price: $3500
Location: topanga


Container clearance: 


Sometime in the mid-70s I bought this new over the counter at Hardy and Beck and installed it in a customer's car. Over the years he drove it some and stored it a lot, driving his XK120 and a tweaker 530. Sometime in the early 90's he asked me to store the car for him...and due to health reasons he never came back for it. I kept the car for one of my boys to restore, but before he took it I removed the 235 and hid it under the bench. The 4.11 longneck, 2 Dellortos and the dogleg 1:1 didn't encourage *appropriate* driving for a lad, so he got a 245 with OD. The money from the 235 sale is going back to the original owner to help out.


When I took it out it was behaving well. No bearing noise, nothing bad in the oil, *maybe* a skritch into 2nd if it was cold but zero reason to take it apart, especially if it's going into a race/rally car. Mileage on the box? Who knows. My guess is between 20-40K. Zero track/autocross days, no competition whatsoever. Still has some blue assembly paint on it.


I know the value of these is all over the place and I'm too jammed up to play the game. Best offer in 2 weeks takes it. If you don't like it I'll take it back. 













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Awe shucks man! 


Two months ago I sent my CR dogleg trans to Metric Mechanic to be rebuilt to the tune of like $6K.  this post is like the year 2002 all over. According to Jim at MM they used Porsche syncros in that particular trans. Might be why there is the second gear "skritch".


Find a (course thread) 3 bolt flange and swap out but not needed.   


But I nerd out 

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LOL. Got a coarse 3 ear flange for you here and yes they are not brass synchros. If you've rebuilt an old-style 242 4 speed you know what you're getting into with synchros. It's not *all* the synchro ring in the 235, you have to fiddle shoes and sliders and spacers too. PITA. Makes a 245 seem simple.

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