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SOLD - Squaretail NOS Lenses - Pair

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Price: $1
Location: topanga


If you hold the lenses side by side you can see that one orange is slightly darker than the other. Not sure you could tell if they were on a car.  Best offer in a week. Impossible to set a price.



Container clearance: Found these in storage. I believe they came with a project car I bought from an estate years ago. Numbers show them to be OEM BMW German left and right for American market. I...



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Dude! I'm old, busy and this is a 40' container full of parts. If I knew what each piece was worth, it'd be a whole lot simpler, wouldn't it?

It's easy to run the part #, get a retail price, divide by 2 and advertise. What do you do when 2 plastic lenses retail for over $500 a pair and no one has one of them in stock. And the cowboys on eBay want $800.

I'll take a decent offer from the local crowd...as soon as I know what a decent offer is,

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Change that. Since swift53 is interested, I'll go public and offer $250 for the pair. If that is unnacceptable, then I'll accept that. Just offering what two URO round taillights would fetch new - assuming a manufacturer will eventually offer square ones for about $125 each.





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