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Anyone re-doing upholstery? I have a set of fnt seat frames.


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Hey Neighbors


Is anyone looking to re-upholstery your seats in the near future?  I have an extra set of 76 stock seat frames that I have prepped for upholstery and refurbished the hardware.  Trust me if you have a daily drive it makes it a lot easier to drop off seats for upholstery and keep on driving for the next 3 months while they get done 


I'm looking to get $350 for the set w/either pick up or additional shipping costs from Seattle (shipping will be a bitch but they are already boxed up so I can get a quote for you).


Here is some info on the seats & prep.


76 stock from a Sunroof Car - this means they sit 1" lower than standard roof seats.  So if you are on the taller side these are perfect.


1. Frames were all wire brushed meticulously with a rotary drill wirebrush.  IF you want to take them to next level you could  media blast them but I don't think its necessary.

2. Frames were painted with black rust stop paint to prevent further rusting (with the exception of the frame bar which i shined up for fun.

3. Hardware replaced with stainless, including hinge screws.

4. Recline pully wheels are in great shape - I drilled out the rivet and replaced with a stainless screw/nylon locking nut.  This makes it really easy to reinstall cabling.

5. 3 of 4 recline cables are in great shape (1. long cable should be replaced)

6. All plastic cable guides intake - most of them in great shape (there are a few with chips/cracks but still in working order)

7. The top spring plates are intact with spring (these are unicorns).

8. Vinyl trim cap is intact for both seats (also unicorns)

9. All  hinges are reufurbished with all of their springs















here's a little inspiration...

This is my upholstery from another set of seat frames that prepped in similar fashion.
Upholstery was handled by Burien Upholstery (with seat covers by World Upholstery & died with Sems die to match 1966 saddle brown).

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