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Britain/Webasto Sun Roof Rattle!


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Hi All

I think this is a new one and help needed. A couple of weeks ago I noticed an annoying rattle from behind my head. Sat the son in the back and went out to find a few potholes (not difficult). The rattle was eventually tracked down to a roof bar (or part of it) that extends from the rear of the Britax (Webasto) sun roof to the outside edge, where the grab handle is, that has "un-bonded". I now believe this is called a "stiffener". As luck would have it, at one of our local classic meets, a gentleman in a group who came to admire "Brenda" had worked for 40 years at Webasto. He advised me what had happened (the bar had "unbonded") and that a repair was no problem! In simple terms, take off the grab handle, remove the welting and ease off the roof lining before either using a piece of foam, silicon seal or glue to cure the rattle.

The first couple of parts of the instruction were no problem - grab handle and welting off. So near yet so far! Before I wreck the headlining can anyone advise how to get the headlining off for a couple of inches without wrecking it? It appears to be stuck/glued onto a metal bar that runs across the top of the window with little space to get behind it. I have been trying to think of a piece of kit that could fit to grab the end of the headlining to ease it off but I can see disaster unfolding!

I doubt anyone has had this problem before but you never know! Any advice would be much appreciated.

As an update, I have managed to get a thin plastic tube through a grab handle screw hole and behind the bar with the thought of injecting some silicone through it. Not too keen on this until I can or even know what is going off in there!


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