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New to me 72 2002tii - what maintenance to do first?

Pablo M

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Getting delivery of my new-to-me 1972 2002tii on Monday (from TN, to SoCal). Bought from second owner, but it’s sat for the last 10 years with only about 400 miles in that time. Getting full records of maintenance but nothings been done in 10 years. 
I figure most rubber needs replacing. Starting with tires and brake lines (stainless steel). Timing belt and WP probably good idea (are m10’s interference engine like m20’s?). 

what else should I do? Goal is a second daily that’s a fun canyon/track car. 

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15 minutes ago, dlacey said:

No timing belt to worry about, otherwise I agree that many rubber parts will need attention. Fuel tank will need some service, fuel pump likely will need replacement. But I would expect that after some simple prep on fuel and ignition it will start and run fine.

Car runs fine as is. I’ve seen videos of it running as of tonight and seems solid. I’ll assess more in depth when I have it in hand. I’m most worried about cooling system really. 

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Brake system will probably require the most attention and work. Presumably the brakes have seized so rebuilt calipers, fresh pads and shoes, new lines, etc. Master & slave cylinder inspect for leaking, replace if necessary. Drain and flush both the radiator and gas tank, inspect and replace any fuel lines that need doing so, same with radiator hoses & thermostat. Obviously new tires.


You said in a video that the car seems to run fine, so does that mean that the PO performed a basic tuneup? Did they inspect and test the ignition system at that time as well? If not, you obviously have to do all of those things and replace any parts that need doing so.


Regarding the gas tank, check the O-ring as well as the hoses in the trunk as they might very well have deteriorated, and if so, can not only cause gas to leak, but create quite a strong odor which will make its way to the interior cabin. This is a notorious issue with virtually all 02’s


Check/inspect lights, bulbs, dash cluster, horns.


Have fun…

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Paul Wegweiser has a bunch of solid advice for reviving a dormant tii. He gave a fantastic presentation at 02 Fest about this a couple years back.

For instance ...


- Hold Steady The beautiful cars we admire at car shows and auctions don't always start out beautiful. The "new car smell" for which many of us long, has often been replaced by rotting and brittle dried out horse hair (pssst! It's actually coconut husks on old BMWs!) and rodent...


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Literally replace everything rubber in the engine compartment + brake system.


Even if it looks ok, unless you have a recent receipt for it being replaced. Yes it will add up a bit but not much in the big picture (I have no idea how much you paid but the advice is the same regardless).


You don't want to be stranded or worse, injured or even worse injure someone else because a brake line "looked ok".


It's fun too and is more time to bond with the car (unless you are paying someone else to do it).



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Thanks everyone. I have some more info. 
-brakes were recently rebuilt and new fluid very recently. 
-mechanical fuel pump has been recently rebuilt. 
there were a few other things and he has a list for me. 
-he has all receipts AND the original window sticker, manuals, etc. coming with car. 
I got a video of them driving it onto the trailer this afternoon as well. 
once I get the receipts I’ll create a binder and log all the repairs. Then I’ll have a better idea. 
But I’m with you on rubber bits, particularly fuel lines. We’re very sensitive in our house as my sons e30 caught fire last July (he rebuilt it). 
I’ll be doing all the work myself.  

solid info. Thanks everyone. 

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