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Barn find? ‘73 2002 Tii… What do you think this is worth.

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Price: $100
Location: New York


Hey all!


this is my first post but I’ve been following for a long time from the shadows. I learned to drive in my dads ‘74 2002 tii and I’m now in a position to buy my own and have been looking around a bit. 


I Came across this BMW near me in New York. It’s been sitting for a long time and the current owner doesn’t seem to know much about it other than it’s been garaged for many recent years. As far as he knows it runs but needs some mechanical work… not sure to what extent. The body has areas of rust all over. Rockers seem decent, shock towers too although it looks like some repair work has been done in the trunk in the past.   Driver floor pan is rusted pretty bad also. Couldn’t poke around too much beyond that. 
The Car had all matching Vins. I know the air box is missing but he has all original parts that may be excluded from the picture. 

What do you think this is worth? What would it cost to restore it fully?  Trying to gauge if this is a project worth getting in to, or passing on it for now. 

(Yes that’s a Delorian sitting next to it that he wouldn’t even talk about. I’ll keep working on it) 















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Those shock towers are checkered to say the least. The rust underneath even worse. When you peel back the onion, you will find more rot to be repaired.  It will take a fat checkbook to resurrect it - if that is in fact the goal. 


3 or 4 thousand. Parting it out will net a profit. 

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22 minutes ago, bavariaboy said:

Too far gone. One rule of many, "Buy the best car you can afford." If you buy cheap and plan to do a decent restroation it will cost more than the "Rule." And you still might not have a car as nice.

What I can afford and what my wife will let me get away with don’t usually go hand in hand 😂


Thank you for the feedback. 

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Very expensive restoration, unless you operate or work in a body shop…


If you’re not doing the work yourself, budget $100K for its restoration, and don’t be shocked if you exceed budget (the black interior is out of a 1974 ‘02 and every piece of rubber on the car has turned to rock). If it weren’t a round taillight tii, I’d estimate its probability of being restored as very close to zero. And even as a round taillight tii, it’s teetering between parts car and “major restoration project”.


And it may just be me, but I find DeLoreans about as desirable as Bricklins… 😯

Listen to @Teelinger’s suggestion regarding a better alternative! 👍

Sorry, I seem to be a bit grumpy today!






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