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Set of four Panasport 14 inches rims

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Price: $900
Location: Reston, Virginia (local pick up only)


Set of four Panasport 14 x 6 rims with  195/60 R 14 tires.   Offset  25.   10 years old, mounted on 69 2002 for roughly 1000 miles use.  Perfect condition.  No dings or abrasions.  Comes with lugs (including lock nut and tool), and Eastwood fender lip curl roller.


I did get some minor rubbing on top of front fender lip when wheel turn all the way left or right (slow turn) with the 195 tires.  Purchased an Eastwood fender lip roller which solved that.  Roller included in sale (pictured).   185s would probably not  rub. 


Here is a link to these rims new


BMW 2002 2002tii 69-76 Panasport Z-Light Wheels BMW 2002, 2002tii 1969-1976 Panasport Z-Light Wheels available in 14″ and 15″ sizes. Please see chart below for size and offset. Beautiful glossy silver paint with polished machined edge. New Z-Light wheels are even lighter than previous...








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Hey @James Laray, I would love to have one of these.  What's great is I am only 5 miles away from Reston.  I need to be able to get sell my basketweave set first before I can get a new set.  I dont think I've seen your car at Katie's CC on Saturdays.  You should join us there. 

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