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In-car footage, Lake Garnett (Kansas) Grand Prix Revival


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The google drive link isn't working like I hoped. Please select the video with the orange Cobra in the preview. (Sorry, that's my best solution for now.)

If  you want to save time, the best part starts around the 9:25 mark.

If this doesn't work for you all, please let me know. If there is a better way to do this, I'll try to figure it out.

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17 hours ago, Furry Camel said:

What was the event meant to be? It looked more like a spirited drive, than an actual race. There was a lot of coasting, when you could have been all in with it.

It's a open track event, with limited passing, and a 100-mph speed limit in this run group. It's more like an HPDE. Definitely not a race.

There are drivers of varying skill levels. The slow drivers are a hold up in the turns. If they are in big power cars, they feel no shame in being slow in the corners and running away in the straights. What this can mean is that I'm running like 75% through the corners, then unable to keep pace with them in the straights, rendering a pass unlikely. Also, I am not allowed to accelerate continuously through the straights after hitting 100 mph. In the previous session, the rolling chicane I had to deal with was a 427 Cobra replica. Slow as a mofo in the turns, then BRRAAAAPPP away in the straights. I had him set up to pass at one point, he saw me to his left and on his bumper, but instead of pointing by, he sped off ... So, you know, frustrating.

When I could get some open track, I could drive a bit better. Check the 16:00 mark or so for about a minute. I also botch the end of the esses in this sequence. lol

On Sundays sessions, I got to run with better drivers, all in period vehicles, and I started out front. Built up 20-plus second margins over the other drivers and lapped a few. It was glorious, but of course I didn't record that.


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