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Sills, sills, sills... Using MVP parts?

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Hi all,

I can't seem to find this question been asked before so maybe I should be reconsidering asking it... 

Does anyone know if we can trim a reproduction 02 sill to patch a NKs sill?

My jacking pads have rusted through and I'm thinking I'll find bigger issues once I get inside. So save recreating a sill panel I was wondering if trimming a MVP 02 panel would work.

Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance.




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I had in my mind that the 02 rockers could be used (for a partial rocker replacement) for the profile.  They are too short for a full replacement, and I have no first hand knowledge at this point, but seem to have remembered reading that somewhere.  Have you peeled back any carpet and looked at the inner rockers on your car?


Starting to evaluate the condition or the outer rockers on my car, and so far, we're looking at patching.  The left side is worse than the right though but there's only a few pin holes upon blasting suspect areas.  


Additionally, I've found a mention of rockers in another thread - while looking for something else entirely - which says that they rebuilt their rockers since no suitable replacements could be found.  Not entirely sure of the meaning - maybe no NOS rockers could be found?



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