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Quarter window seals lubricant


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So after a lot of reading how to tackle the new seals for the quarter glass seals, it is clear some lubricant is needed. So today was the big day, new seals are going in. I read about Dawn, water, silicone and other recommendations for lube. Unfortunately all of those have some downsides. Dawn will be leaching out for months or years. Silicone, great stuff, just not for seals, let alone the permanent contamination, let’s hope you will never be doing any paint work. What I found is industrial KY Jelly wire pulling lubricant. No residues , water clean  up, no staining clear, and slick as can be. Rear window install string method with lube, 20 minutes. Each quarter glass 1 hour total each side. This stuff does evaporate, but you’ll be done before that. There are various brands and colors, clear is a clear choice for me. Klein brand Home Depot, 13 buck probably enough for 30 front windshields


Seals in place



Klein lubricant from Home Depot

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