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AFR meter


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How do you want to use it?


I notice you can get the optional a tail pipe clamp to hold the Bosch sensor, but I would not recommend driving with it attached.

Consider welding the mounting bung to the downpipe and remove the sensor and replace with a threaded plug when not in use.

There are a few wireless Blue-Toothe sensors available if you don't want a gauge or hand-held meter.



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It doesn't matter much what controller you use, you still gotta get the sensor into the exhaust stream somehow.  So you either A.) Weld a bung into the headers/downpipe somewhere and screw in the sensor there, or you B.) Stick it up in the tailpipe.  A is generally preferable, as it both allows you to leave it installed while driving, and also puts the measurement (and accordingly also the feedback you receive) MUCH closer to the point of combustion.  There's quite a bit of time-lag that occurs between the combustion event and the exit of the tailpipe, which makes tuning anything transient significantly trickier. 

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The downpipe on an 02 costs (relatively) next to nothing, so welding the bung is really the best way to go. They usually come with a plug, so if you don't want to make a permanent installation you can cap it after you've done your tuning...just run wires temporarily. The clip in the exhaust is ok to tune idle gor emissions, not really for road testing. I have been adding the bung just in case on all my new downpipes prior to install...


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