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Bosch AL45X Alternator


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I currently have a Bosch AL45X alternator on my 73tii. Sometimes when I start the car the voltmeter stays around 12 volts, then eventually the alternator will wake up and raise the voltage to approximately 14 volts. Sometimes I have to rev the engine to get the alternator to charge. The fan belt is tight and not slipping and I added a ground wire from the alternator to the chassis ground which did not make a difference.


1) I've looked for a replacement AL45X but they all seem to be out of stock or NLA. Is there a similar alternator that is available for a reasonable price that will bolt up in place of the AL45X without significant mods?


2) Should I try replacing the voltage regulator and if so where do I get one?



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First check and clean voltage regulator ground points, remove screws holding voltage regulator to inner fender, clean where they mate up with a wire brush/bit of sandpaper. Clean the blade connectors as well.

 You sure alternator is properly grounded to the engine with at least a 12GA wire (10 GA is better) and engine is properly grounded to chassis? Dont just look at them and say "looks good" Clean them!😉

There is probably an alternator/starter repair shop around your area, oft times a rather scruffy old building staffed by an equally scruffy/gruffy old geezer. They can test/repair your alternator. Might be nothing more than worn brushes,

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