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Bucketloads of Parts & Two Complete 2002's for Sale


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Evening Everyone,


I spent about two hours this morning with an entertaining and active gentleman in his early 70's who is selling off two complete 2002's ('74 & '76), a parts car and a literal shedload of parts. They are all non-turbo cars.


He has new old stock parts (new dash, Recaro seats, MOMO steering wheel ETC ETC ETC) and just lots and lots of other parts. 


I myself bought a new old stock pedal box, wooden steering wheel and beautiful old wooden shifter. 


As we were talking near the conclusion of our business, he seemed a little fed up with usual CL tire-kickers and time-wasters. I told him to post here (on FAQ) for a more dedicated 2002-focused crowd, but he professed he wouldn't really know where to start. 


As a favor to him, I said I'd post on his behalf. He's really looking for local Norcal based folks who can come pick the stuff up- he's not interested in setting up a temporary shipping hub!!


You'll be dealing directly with him- he's just a nice old chap that I wanted to help. But I offered to (hopefully) filter out the wheat from the chaff and get actually interested buyers sent his way- this forum being the first way I thought of doing just that.


If you're interested, please reach out to me, my email is mryan@rpmeng.org and I'll give you all the details. He is based an hour north of SF.


The star of the show is a (running four years ago and healthy engine) '74 2002 with a very clean body, clean title and registered non-op...and as we all know- NO SMOG requirement. He's asking $5,000 for that, for example- which is fair.


He has complete interiors, wheels, bumpers and body panels...and also a really good sunroof roof skin.


Hit me up if interested!



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