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Huge thanks to Chris Isaacson


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My local mechanic just couldn’t get my 1969 BMW 2002 running properly. I reached out to Chris through this BMW site. He traveled down to my house. Almost an hour and a half each way from Philadelphia. He spent over two hours sorting out multiple problems. Car is now running flawlessly. I learned so much watching him diagnose and troubleshoot. Thanks Chris!

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Chris will remember our epic caravan (13 2002s) from the East Coast, via Dayton to the 2002 BMW CCA Ofest in the mountains of Colorado.  Chris had a front bumper guard fall off his car on the Kansas Turnpike; unfortunately it was run over by a semi before we could stop and retrieve it.  Great trip, though (unless you were a bumper guard).  


There were 104 2002s at that year's event.  We all received grille badges for attending; you may have seen one--or even better, have one.


Chris is a great guy; his helping you isn't surprising.



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thank you for your kind words. even though it

rained, it was fun to get a little car work in. I 

hope to see your car at my shop, and even

more I hope that other people from FAQ get

to see your beautiful car. the guys at Sports

Car Restoration did an amazing job and you 

should show it off.


chris or stone02

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