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Help getting my fuel evap/cabin fuel smell situation sorted


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Hi folks, so this summer, the cabin smell of fuel really started to become an issue. It's pretty bad in the trunk too. For some reason I don't get much in the engine bay, in terms of smell, but who knows, maybe I'm just too buzzed off these fumes! So I  have searched the forums, and looked at the Tii diagram, and it looks like my car is pretty close to where it should be. The big omission is the lack of charcoal canister in the engine bay. 1976 2002 that is largely stock. I have ordered a purolator charcoal canister, and checked the lines in the trunk. The rubber fuel lines appear to be somewhat pliable, they arent rock hard. Still not opposed to replacing them all, if it would help. mostly hoping someone who has solved this problem may be able to look at my setup and chime in with some possible culprits. Thanks for any help!






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I can help solve at least one of the most common problems with fuel vapors for free if you'll just PM me your mailing address.  I'll send you a fuel sender sleeve that fits over the 6mm tube coming out of the top of the sender.  Its purpose is to adapt the 6mm tube to the 8mmID fuel hose.  Most of these sleeves are cracked or missing letting gasoline fumes permeated the cabin and trunk.  

Fuel Sender Tube Sleeve Replacement.pdf

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Couple of other things to do or check in addition to the above advice.


-Replace all rubber fuel lines. Don't forget the vent line from the rubber fuel filler (inside trunk) that goes to the vapor tank.

-Hook up your new charcoal canister properly. Input from vapor tank, output to the crankcase vent hose and the vacuum port on the intake manifold directly beneath the carb (Not the vacuum taps on the intake runners 1 & 4).

-Check the operation of the fuel return valve. In from fuel pump, out to carb, return through a check valve to the metal fuel line under the car on the driver's side returning back to the tank. Vacuum hose connected to tap on #1 intake runner.

-Check the plastic fuel supply and vent lines that run through the cabin. I plugged the trunk ends and used a TopSider to apply vacuum, or a Motive Power Bleeder for a pressure test. 

-Check float level in carb. If you have a plastic float, consider changing to brass (won't degrade in E-gas).

-Check rubber gaskets in the engine bay. Keep all engine fumes out of the ventilation system.

-Exhaust tip exiting behind the leading edge of the rear bumper? (Keeps exhaust fumes out of the trunk)


Here's a sketch to help with your checklist.







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So I did an order from Roger's Tii, and have my hoses/parts in hand. I got the filler neck flange+gasket in ok. I went to try to push the old plastic line from the tank into the rear seat area out, and realized it would be really easy to get fuel drippings anywhere that line goes, so I paused to ask for help: what's the best way to replace the plastic fuel line?

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Thanks yall for the help. I have the line clear of fuel, and loosened from the cabin, save for one point. where the old line travels into the trunk, it seems to be jammed up. i have the rear seat out, and it feels like the old plastic pipe tucks around sheet metal that I can't bend, and then comes out in the trunk. I can wiggle it, but if i push or pull, it feels like there's friction or binding there. is there a trick to this part? just push from trunk a bit harder?

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