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W&N Motorsport Rear Subframe Pushrod/Strap Quickie


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So I'm well underway with the rear subframe rebuild for Brunhilde. 


I found a complete rear subframe for cheap that beyond the superficial, was pretty much rust-free that's getting sandblasted and painted in urethane epoxy gloss-black to match the front-end rebuild. 


And in prep, I dropped an order at W&N to pickup a handful of hardware/new bearings, and... those 'motorsport' rear subframe pushrod/straps. 





But what's got me wondering, is that there's two slotted-esque holes on that lower end vs. the original 1. I called W&N and spoke to a fella on the phone who said you only use one of them, but then why two? 


Since the parts are already at the blasters/painters I can't play legos, has anyone installed these and can offer comment as to the two holes? 


Is there facilities to use both? 






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I have seen higher torque apps begin to ovalize holes or buckle the strap.


I've also stated it's one of the parts I'd planned on making but never got around to it.  There is no structural reason for adjustability.  The part largely sees axial loads, so simply increasing the cross-sectional area would reduce deflection (hence my former plan to use oval tubing with angle-cut/bent ends drilled for bolts.  Simple and effective).


Ryan, side note .... as talking to the TRD rep at the CPP Engr. Career Fair on Friday ... he's apparently a fan of SoC, small world.

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Interesting; still the different application as noted.  As for drilling an extra hole in the 2002 chassis rather than running a bolt-in upgraded substitute... to each their own.


EDIT: Here's a picture as found on the E9 coupe via Markus on the coupe board.


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With great respect to Danjer, based on the axial compression and tension forces this sees, it is not a part that should be slotted (at the bolt or along it's length), nor made of aluminum.


In my worthless two cents we have three options.  One that doesn't fit, one that offers unneeded features, and one that doesn't offer enough.  Again, I'm not making parts in the foreseeable future .... but if one would make it as I've outlined above, they'd have the goldilocks zone for fitment, function, and cost.

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Here it's in the FIA homologation Form 5258



found the pics.
I've recently had an unpleasant Drift over a high curb (on the bolt that holds the Rear axle). I was very greatful to have these. Without them damage to the car would have been much worse. Still needed a BFH and had to re-weld some stuff to get things straight again.






Here you can see that the Rear axle attachement got bent.



Welding opened



A lot of the part was scraped down in this mishap



Right side lost some of it's material



After the repair


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