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Selling the rest of my parts in 60 ebay auctions now

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Price: $1
Location: Germany



as the title says.. I've changed all my ebay offers to auctions now w/ good prices and cheap international shipping.

Just wanted to let you know, so that nobody misses a part that he might have needed.


I'm freak010110 on ebay: https://www.ebay.de/sch/freak010110/m.html?_dmd=2&_dkr=1&iconV2Request=true&_ssn=freak010110&_oac=1



Sorry for advertising.

Thanks for reading.


Have a good time over there. 




Sláva Ukrayíni!




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On 9/24/2022 at 3:16 AM, Teezio said:

Which part of Germany are you? I plan to be in Stuttgart and Munich in late October. Some items I'm interested to pickup if you are close by.


I'm in 26340 Zetel, its in the north, nearby Wilhelmshavenat the North Sea. Munich is far away, I guess 700-800 Kilometeters.

Dont miss the Oktoberfest if you havent been there before, it's amazing. I've been there once, 15 years ago and was totally disoriented / knocked out and didnt find my vw t3 bus for sleeping, but it was great and I'll never forget. (Hint: If you can't get into a marquee, bribe you waitresses)


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