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Golde Sunroof Cable - 1.5 inch small rod


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Anyone know the purpose of the small rod protruding from the plastic end piece of cable?sunroof.jpg.7d3c8c1c5b317ea9594483e801d42767.jpg

My existing cable was damaged and while replacing with a used cable I purchased, that little rod snapped off-got caught up in the 

sunroof headliner panel.  The sunroof is functioning fine and raises flush with roof when closed so what exactly is the function of that rod?




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29 minutes ago, Mike Self said:

Did you try extracting the broken rod from its plastic housing and pressing a replacement one in place.  A stiff piece of steel rod should be easy to find, even if it's slightly larger...and IIRC it's just pressed into the plastic.




When I removed my sunroof cables, it seemed like I just looked at the plastic part crossways and it snapped.  Don't be surprised if the plastic is very fragile - if it is the original.

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