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My 2002 Ti will not rev over 3500 rpm

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Hi there,


I drive a 72 BMW 2002 ti and have a question….  When I accelerate everything works fine untill I reach about. 3000 revs….  Then it does not really want to go any higher….. As if there is a rev limiter n the car….  There are two double Weber carbs in it and a 123 ignition….  Any idears on this ?


Thanks for your comments….

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I assume you have a normal 2002 that someone updated to the dual carb setup, so little guidance as its not a stock setup. If you really are experiencing a rev limiter in operation (not something else), it would have to come from the ignition system. Check the rotor in the distributor, that the correct rotor is installed. There is a rotor with a built-in rev limiter, would be nonsense even if it fit in the 123 distributor. The programmable 123 has a software activated rev limiter, which can be set to whatever RPM required. Check these two points.


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