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Refreshing the '02 Flasher Relay


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By Mike Self

Courtesy of BMW CCA



If your outside turn signals work, but the inside indicator doesn't (or is intermittent), the problem may be curable by a simple procedure to refresh the flasher relay itself. The problem is that the contacts that operate inside the relay itself rely on a small brass spring, which weakens with age. By carefully bending this spring back into shape, you can save the expense of a new flasher relay to fix the simple problem of the exterior lights flashing but the in-dash indicator not.



After making sure bulbs, contacts and grounds are clean fore and aft...

1. Unclip flasher unit from its home under the dash near the hood release.

2. Without disconnecting the unit from its wiring harness, carefully pry off plastic cover

3. Engage turn signals, and watch the two sets of relay points inside the flasher box. Big set--outside lights; little one, dash light. Watch as little point set only works one or two times, then quits.

4. Carefully bend the brass spring that tensions the points until they operate reliably. To get it just right, put a load on the electrical system by switching on headlights and heater blower. When interior light flashes all the time the signal is engaged, you've got it.

5. Snap cover back on, reinstall flasher box.


Happy flashing! (so to speak)




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