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3D Printed Relay holders

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Price: $10
Location: N/A


$10/ea, can make in black or white. PM me if you want any. Hopefully this is helpful since they are NLA.


Not exact replicas but very similar and changed a bit to be easier to 3d print. Spade connectors with lock tabs will lock into the slots. These function identically to the original ones so far as I can tell.





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Just a heads up, no need to ask me if I am still doing these. I get a lot of those asks so wanted to make it clear: I will be doing them forever until I post otherwise! I would drop dead before kicking 3D printing as a hobby. Hehe. They are made on demand. Here's what they look like in black, apparently I never posted that picture. 


Shipping in the US usually comes out to around $10-$11, and international $17-$18. This is a "usually" as it reflects the numbers I have encountered so far. YMMV.


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