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1974 BMW 2002 Project

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Price: $6000
Location: Pittsburgh, PA


What: Selling 1974 BMW 2002; manual 4 speed, standard differential.

Price: $4000-$8000?  Really I have no idea what the market is these days, so really best offer.  I mean it's getting sold, and I would prefer to do it on the FAQ and not have to go over to eBay.  I wouldn't mind hearing opinions on price range in the comments.  Local pickup preferred but not a deal breaker.


Time: I'd like to make it happen by early October.  If not then it will have to wait until mid November.



In a Google album.  Ask if you'd like any other views.



About the Car
I'm the third owner, bought in 2005 in the Bay Area.
Daily driver for six months.
Cracked cylinder head and did an engine rebuild and other improvements.
In storage from 2006.5 to 2008.
In 2009 more work.  Drove cross country.
Since 2009 it's been in my garage in Pittsburgh.  Periodically turned over the engine.  Last driven outside in 2017.
Currently immobile.  My friend started a teardown to tackle rust and braking but passed away.  Brake system and gas tank removed.
Clean title in my name.  Still the California title -- I never transferred to PA.  Last registered in CA in 2009.


Body: bad rusting in floor panels (I do have a new passenger side floor panel).  Bubbling surface rust on parts of the roof and trunk.  Front panel below bumper doesn't look great.  Small dent on hood over radiator cap.  Otherwise panels look good.  Bumpers removed (I have them).  Passenger side rear view removed (I have it, though I also have nicer chrome mirrors).


Engine and drivetrain: I rebuilt the engine in 2005/2006 and it has probably about 4000 miles on it.  See my notes for an itemized list of work.  Rebuilt the clutch.  Never touched the transmission or differential, no known problems.  Replaced various accessories (starter, alternator, voltage regulator).  Steering box is still acceptable but the adjustment screw is running out of thread.  I do have a good used steering box from 02 Salvage in Hayward back in 2009 with 2 or 3 threads exposed on the adjustment screw.  The battery tray is a hot mess and needs to be redone.


Fuel and exhaust: fuel tank removed, no known defects.  It looks kind of ugly with surface rust (see picture) but I think that's because my friend was powder coating the exterior and wasn't happy with it and stripped it off and didn't get a chance to redo the powder coat.  Exhaust pipe from end of exhaust manifold to tailpipe was installed new in 2009.  I have what appears to be a new exhaust manifold but for the life of me I can't remember where or when I got that.  Weber 32/36 with K&N air filter.  I rebuilt the carburetor.


Brakes: front calipers and rear drums removed (I have the parts).  Brake lines removed and discarded.  In my notes I wrote that I replaced the front calipers and brake pads in 2009, but the calipers clearly have a lot of surface rust on them now.


Electrical: no work done on this other than new ignition components in 2009.  Engine timing seemed to be a bit erratic and low speed and I had some rough idle so the distributor may need some love?  Fuel level sensor went through periods where it was noisy -- I never spent time clearing a good ground for it.


Wheels and suspension: I think the previous owner redid the rear shocks circa 2004.  Tires are low mileage but are also from around 2004.  They hold air without issue.  The rear sway bar seems to have been removed (I have it).  Some very minor cosmetic marks on the wheel rims.


Paint: looks like a non OEM color the previous owner painted over the original light blue.  Paint flaking away at a few points on the roof, especially close to the windshield.


Glass: good clean glass, no cracks.  Rear window defroster doesn't seem to work and I never investigated the reason.  Passenger side window seems to be binding up and I didn't want to force it.  Probably just a case of needing to lubricate to free it up.


Interior: carpeting, center console, seats and seat belts are removed (I have all these parts).  Some tearing in the driver seat and the top of the rear seat.  Passenger seat cushion was reupholstered since the horsehair fell out.  Door panels, door handles, and window cranks are all good.  Rear speakers and ashtrays.  Headliner and sun visors are all fine.


HVAC: the heater worked though was sluggish.  I haven't investigated.  No A/C.


Other known problems:
* Small oil leak around the back of the engine.  I seem to remember this was near the rear exhaust port on the manifold but I don't know.  It wasn't a big enough leak to be obvious for the source.
* When getting the odometer working again, the speedometer torsional spring lost one rotation, so the reported speed is a bit off.
* The horn doesn't work due to a broken slip ring.


Known missing parts:
I had to scramble to get everything back together after my friend passed away.  I __think__ I have everything except for what is listed here, but YMMV.
* The three pedals and levers all seem to be missing.
* The trunk floor panels.
* The windshield washer reservoir.  I do seem to have the washer pump and remember that working.


Additional Parts
Additional parts that come with the car (only listing the notable items):

* Passenger side floor panel.
* Steering box.  As mentioned above I bought this at 02 Salvage in Hayward during my parts stockpiling phase.  It has two or three threads still exposed on the adjustment screw.
* Cylinder head.  See picture.  I don't remember the provenance for this -- I believe it is healthy but I can't remember if I had it pressure tested.  Basically after cracking my cylinder head I managed to buy two and this is the one that I didn't install.
* New exhaust manifold.
* New front brake rotors.  Tho they have been sitting for 13 years so there are spots of surface rust.
* Two camshafts (as well as rockers, valves, springs, etc.).  One of them is marked as a Norris 301 cam -- it came with one of the cylinder heads I bought and I remember it had more aggressive lobe angles, but I didn't write anything down about them.
* Chrome sideview mirrors.  These don't have the same mounting footprint as the plastic mirrors currently mounted.
* A battery, new in 2017 that has been periodically put on a conditioner and trickle charger.


Not Included
In my pictures, the wheel dollies are not part of this sale.



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Found the fuel tank filler assemby
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