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Driveshaft advice


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Hi, I am attempting order a new custom driveshaft.  2000c formally automatic, now getrag 245, with long differential.  

questions for the experts.  

I am putting a flex disc (guibo) at the rear diff/driveshaft, is there any logic to using a second guibo on trans end?  

configuration is u-joint/yoke at trans flange- u-joint - center support bearing - slip joit - then flange - guibo at rear diff.  Is the mid shaft u-joint always between center support  and trans? or is it ever between center support and diff?

thanks for help, i have been unsuccessful perfecting my order with blunt due to clarity issues.  fred 


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Hi Fred- 

can you even get a u- joint flange for a 245?  I've only ever seen Guibo- style flanges.

And output shafts that stick out a bit to center the driveshaft.


And no, there's nothing wrong with 2 Guibos on one driveshaft.  The Brits call them Hooke

joints, and use them as CV's on output shafts, too.


There hasn't been much (any?) traffic on fitting a 245 to a longneck diff on the 2002 channel-

but take a look at the NK channel to see if they've done it.  I know there's at least one NK

running around Seattle with a longneck and 245.


As to the middle u- joint, there's no mechanical reason it can't be on either side of the support.

Standard practice with driveshafts is that there are 2 u- joints in the plane that needs to be offset

so that the uneven rotation of the first joint is offset by the uneven rotation of the second ("in phase")

but then BMW went and stuck a CV on one end of the 3 liter E46 driveshaft,

blowing that 'standard practice' out the window...



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