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weber 38/38 air/fuel mix


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weber 38/38 carb, about 17 years old but not many miles on it...the fuel/air mix screws have no effect on idle, etc...it had some old gas it it, is it likely i just need to take it off and clean it ...only when you screw the mix screws all the way in does it have any effect on idle, it stalls

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It's possible that what you describe could be normal. Depending on how all the way in you mean.


On my car I would say the idle mixture screws only have an easily noticeable effect from all the way tightened to like 0.5 to 1 turns out. I think I remember the adjustment instructions saying something like when the idle is good if you have the mixture screws turned out more than 1.5 turns get bigger jets, less than 0.5 turns get smaller ones.

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