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Oil dripping below 123ignition


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If you look at older threads, it's a design failure on the part of the 124.


The original distributors have a spiral milled into the shaft to move oil back down.

The 122 does not, but also does not have any other provision for sealing the shaft.


It would be an interesting exercise to try to correct the omission on a lathe- with a milling head.

Or a Dremel rigged as a milling head.

Or just cut a thread of a very coarse pitch with a very small round-tipped cutter.


The other possibility, which is less likely, is that the drain hole on the distributor

well is blocked somehow, allowing pressure to build.  Shine a light down there,

and pour a bit of oil in- it should drain out, kinda slowly, through a hole drilled at an angle

towards the bottom of the housing.  If you used RTV on the housing gasket, that could do it...



should add a 124 to the fleet.



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While you have the distributor out check the drain hole for the  distributor drive gear, there's a small hole on the exhaust side between the housing and head, try fishing a small wire through until you see it on the other side, I'm not saying the lack or grooves  isn't your problem but this could be adding to it.

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4 hours ago, eviction_party said:

So the spiral in the stock dizzy shaft acts like a reverse Archimedes screw to pump oil down, out of the distributor? 

Before the days of modern shaft seals, reverse screw threads were used on crankshaft pulleys--for example--to sling oil back into the engine when it tried to creep out from the front or rear crankshaft main bearings.  


My '56 Renault still has a pulley with a slinger--I've since replaced it with one from a 57 that has a smooth surface for a seal--but the flywheel end has the slinger grooves machined into the crank's surface, just inboard of the flywheel flange. 



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