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Coolant Hoses


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Hello All,


I've been sojourning through the expensive and frustrating territory of trying to refresh 3 different cooling systems at once:


1) Stock early 2002 cooling system (18mm heater hoses, thermostat to divider hose)

2) Early E21 radiator hoses (upper, lower)

    *Not sure if this is an early E21 radiator. It has large barbs, and the lower barb aims right towards the frame rail. 

3) Late 2002 (water pump to intake manifold)


Long story short, there are a whole bunch of these hoses that are either backordered or NLA. I've managed to cobble together about half of the hoses I need for a cooling system refresh. Does anyone know why these hoses are so hard to come by? Is this a recent thing, or should I dip into some of the older, unused hoses that came with the car?

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8 hours ago, paulyg said:

Does anyone know why these hoses are so hard to come by?

Supply chain problems--same that's affecting most everything--and that's exacerbated by the call for near-50 year old parts.  


By all means use the NOS hoses to get your car on the road and then look for replacements.  If those old hoses were kept away from sunlight and engine-level heat, they should be OK for use--at least in my experience of pulling similar ones out of my basement where they had resided for many years.



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