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driveshaft problems


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i am having a hell of a time removing the driveshaft from my '70 2002. Ive yanked the engine and tranny and everything else. currently in the middle of a m20 swap. but i cannot for the life of the me get the driveshaft off of the differential. the space is minimal and i just can't seem to get the leverage to break the bolts. whats the trick here? i really do not want to remove the subframe....

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slide a 19mm socket in under the flange at the diff between the flange and the subframe, rotate the drivshaft around until it locks on the socket and the use a 17mm box end to loosen the nuts .  You can then rotate the driveshaft back a bit, remove the socket and rotate the DS again until you can do all the bolts, there is one point that if you get it set up right, you can reach 2 nuts at one go.    DONT loose those bolts, they are special for the drivehaft flange.


Thanks, Rick



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Does your parking brake still work?


I sometimes forget to loosen those before the engine,

and at that point, 2 wrenches married together by interlocking

the open and closed ends gives a lot better leverage AND

the sideways wrench makes a much softer handle.


Don't do it with your favorite Cornwells- Pittsburgh is a far better choice.




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Find a piece of flat stock or something that you can insert in the space between  driveshaft and U joint, rotate shaft until it locks up, use a long box end wench to break torque on accessible nut, remove flat stock , rotate shaft , insert flat stock, repeat.

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