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1976 Schwartz 2002 for trade

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Price: $100
Location: Totowa New Jersey


Looking to see if anyone would be interested in trading their color 2002 for my schwartz 2002. I've had this car for around 8 months and I've decided I just don't particularly like black on these cars. Before listing it for sale I figured I'd see if anyone out there would want to trade their car for mine. Some colors I like are malaga, mintgrum, golf, sahara, riviera, granada, but I'm really open to any. I'm fine with faded/patina paint, if your car is in rougher shape than mine I'm fine with taking cash on top. If your car is in better shape I'm willing to put cash or more parts on top. Square tail or roundie, doesn't matter to me. 


About my car:

It's a 1976 schwartz black 4 speed. Mileage says 81xxx but true mileage unknown. I bought this car with a few issues that have now been sorted and it drives excellent. Recently replaced items are: front wheel bearings, driveshaft, distributor, intake manifold gaskets, and valve cover gasket. It has some paint chips and dings but overall its in great condition. Has absolutely zero rust, the previous owner had the floor pans replaced.  Some modifications are bilstein shocks, weber carb, ansa exhaust, kooglewerks front lip,  and 15x7 euroweave e30 basketweaves. Also the previous owner modified the car to fit early model bumpers. 


I'm really only looking for trades right now, but if someone made the right offer I would probably sell it. 











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