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Decal Bundle(s) FS ($11-$55)

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Price: $11
Location: WA


Decal bundles for sale -- lots of good deals here & see pictures for what you want to buy and message me:


-- All prices include shipping -- 


1) 7 decals -- $55 


2) 4 decals (5-speed) -- $36


3) 4 decals (4-speed) -- $36



4) 4 decals (5-speed dogleg) -- $38


5) 4 decals (prototipo) -- $52


6) 2 decals (USB, AUX, etc..) $12







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  • mo02 changed the title to Decal Bundle(s) FS ($11-$55)
37 minutes ago, Dave1602 said:

Do your shift decals transfer only the white numbers and shift pattern onto the dash or is the decal on a black or clear background that also transfers?  Hope that makes sense.

Hi Dave,


This decal has no border at all.  It is not black nor clear -- only the white portion of the shift pattern + numbers attach to your dash.


Let me attach a picture -- these are a 99% match and will fit over your old pattern (just need to rub-down the edges for a cleaner look)


Let me know what you need -- I can sell just the shift decal if that is what you want.






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3 hours ago, Dave1602 said:

Thanks Mo.


I only need the shift pattern decal for now and the exact 5 speed pattern as shown in the picture you provided. 


Can you let me know how much and if me sending you an old fashion check will work for payment (assuming you're located within the US)?




Hi Dave,


I will send PM with mailing address -- I am in PNW so it works ?





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